Who can apply and what are the maximum grant levels?

We welcome applications from groups or individuals who feel that their project will benefit Dartmoor, its people and environment. The amount of the grants is at the discretion of the trustees. but will normally be less than £500 and no more than 50% of total costs, but more may be available for projects of particular merit. Dartmoor Trust Grants can provide the matching finance required to access funds from public and statutory bodies. The scheme is simple and flexible.

Eligibility Criteria

In line with the Trust’s aims, applicants should be able to demonstrate that their project meets one or more of the following criteria.

  • Links to Your Dartmoor and/or other National Park plans.
  • Helps to protect the natural landscape of Dartmoor and/or Dartmoor’s wildlife.
  • Helps to protect the archaeology and/or historic buildings.
  • Is based on sound ecological principles and sustainable use of resources.
  • Raises awareness through education of Dartmoor’s special qualities.
  • Supports research work to increase the understanding of the cultural heritage of Dartmoor.
  • Will provide long-term benefits to Dartmoor based on sound ecological principles and sustainable use of resources.
  • Demonstrates high design standards.
  • Provides clear public benefits and a lasting legacy.
  • Is unlikely to happen without help from the Trust
  • Has a realistic prospect of successful implementation.


  1. Work must not commence until full formal approval of the grant has been obtained from the Dartmoor Trust.
  2. Payment will be made upon the satisfactory completion of the project.
  3. Any building works must have had all relevant permissions, including landowners, planning permissions and permission from English Heritage before any work commences.
  4. All original receipts for costs incurred must be submitted with the final request for payment.


Applications for grant aid will be considered at the next Trustee meeting held after receipt of the application. Meetings are held every 12 weeks.

If you have any doubt about the eligibility of your project you are encouraged to discuss it with the Trust.

[email protected]

Am I Eligable?

The grants are available to no n-profit making organisations for capital works projects carried out on Dartmoor. Projects which primarily benefit private or commercial interests are not eligible. Projects outside of Dartmoor may benefit so long as they meet the eligibility criteria. Feasibility studies and other preparatory work may be assisted where the project under investigation would offer substantial benefits.

Projects that are not eligible include

  • Funding for village halls or work within a private residence.
  • Projects that primarily benefit private or commercial interests.
  • Revenue costs, for example running expenses or staff costs.
  • VAT costs within the project.
  • Projects that have already received funding in the last 5 years.


A record shall be made of the project including, where relevant, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of the work carried out. The record and images are to be passed to the Dartmoor Trust for their retention and use for any purposes, free of charge, to promote the work of the Trust.

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