Olditch and Cawsand (Cosdon) Beacon, Sticklepath

Cosdon (Cawsand) Hill (SX 637915) dominates the NE side of Dartmoor. Cosdon is a large, smooth dome of granite that gives excellent view over northern Devon. There are the remains of several cairns on the summit as well as a triangulation point. Since it is one of the highest points in Dartmoor (550m) Cosdon was used as a beacon in older times with the next beacon along at Dunkery in Exmoor. Owing to its position Cosdon is often wreathed in mists or low cloud. Cosdon has been known as Cawsand, Cosdonne or even Hoga de Cossdonne in the past. The beacon was one of the points that determined the boundaries of Dartmoor in the 1240 perambulation. Olditch is a hamlet by the villages of South Zeal and Sticklepath, just below the hill.

Olditch and Cawsand (Cosdon) Beacon, Sticklepath

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