D.W.A.C. Transport Dept.

Update on the 22nd of September 2008 from Tom Soby - D.W.A.C.stands for DEVON WAR AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE and it was based just outside of Okehampton in an easterly direction known locally as Stockley Hamlets, which is now the current site of a garage & Mole Avon stores. This Transport Department was set up for the purpose of providing lorries & vans to transport members of the Woman's Land Army & others to & from farms on which they worked. Another responsibility of the DWAC was also to teach the young Land Army Girls to drive and some Prisoners of War helped DWAC mechanics to maintain their fleet. The DWAC later moved to Heathfield, Newton Abbot before finally being disbanded. ----- Previous Entry - D.W.A.C. - it is not known exactly what these intials stand for. The people seem to be wearing a variety of clothing from men in overalls to office girls. The people are war refugees so this was taken sometime betewwn 1939-1945. On the back of the photograph is says - Mrs Stead, Sticklepath. Boy marked X, back row far right head and shoulders, Stan Locket, blue jacket, blue suit, while shirt, hair dark brown, eyes dark brown.

D.W.A.C. Transport Dept.

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