Gratnar (Gratnor), Manaton

This was the home of the Mortimore family (da103292-3) from September 1909 to January 1915. This is a 17th century cottage which is rare as opposed to farmhouses in this area. It is a rare survivor of a smaller type of dwelling. Access is by a footpath about 1/4 mile long and there is no direct access for wheeled vehicles. This is written about in "Early Dartmoor farmhouses" by Elizabeth Gawne and Jenny Sanders, published by orchard publications 1998, p57-58. An excerpt fron the book "Gratnar is a rubble-built 17th century cottage with a later outshot, thatched until the 1950's and now slated. It lies in a remote situation beside a small stream at the bottom of a steeply wooded hillside which is deeply scored by tin workings......It is reasonably certain that this is a longhouse with a converted shippon."

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