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Okehampton Community College Year 8 Project


Our involvement with the Dartmoor trust’s “Dartmoor during the First world war” exhibition and website provides the college with an opportunity to offer students the opportunity to use local historical sources as a part of their learning. Local History is a core theme within the National Curriculum for History and so through classwork and home learning projects can develop students understanding of the past on national and also local level.


What was the impact of World War One on Dartmoor?


Select a topic area that interests you most, for example horses, recruitment, impact on farming, training, social effect. Once you have decided, research your topic using photographs and contextual information. Much of this can be found on the Dartmoor Life: Dartmoor in the First World War website, but what more can you find by looking elsewhere? From your research, create a project which answers the questions you have set yourself in relation to your topic. If you want to attain a higher level, also consider making a judgement about the extent the War affected Dartmoor.

Teacher Notes

This could be set as an in class project over 2/3 lessons or as an extended Home Learning project over 6/7 weeks. We also encouraged students to speak to grandparents about their experiences if they lived locally.


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