Legendary Pubs

The village ‘local’ has been part of the moorland scene for centuries. In the past they have provided a focal point for small communities, accommodation for travelers and tourists, and a place for catching up on news and gossip over a pint. As buildings, they represent some of the oldest and least changed, and therefore hold an important place in how our towns and villages look today. Take away the pub and you remove a vital part of what make Dartmoor a special place. Yet we are losing over 25 pubs a week in this country and there’s many more that remain under threat.

Published in Association with the Dartmoor Trust Archive, Legendary Dartmoor Pubs & Inns includes over 300 photographs reinforcing the importance of our ‘locals’ both in the past and today. Legendary Dartmoor Pubs and Inns is the first in a series of books using photographs from The Dartmoor Trust Archive and promoting the work of The Dartmoor Trust.

In 1901 the creator of the world’s greatest detective visited Dartmoor in order to gather background information on what was to become the best-known detective mystery, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Here Sir Arthur Conan Doyle drew upon local legends, place names and people, to populate his story, creating a work of enduring fame that is constantly retold in books, film and television.
In this book we follow in the footsteps of the Sherlock Holmes as he tracks the deadly hound around the moor, taking in the real places visited by the author and playing the role of sleuth ourselves in identifying the locations that provided his inspiration.

To add enjoyment to the ‘chase’ the book traces the origins of The Hound story to Dartmoor’s own legendary places, and links each to the moor’s historic public houses and inns. For those visiting Dartmoor the book provides a fascinating glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of how the fictional story came to be written while offering the chance to explore real places with the added enticement of refreshment along the way.

Over 300 photographs, many dating from the time when The Hound was written, provide the reader with a picture of the moor as it looked when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited. They also remind the reader of the vital role that country inns play in rural communities, many sadly under threat and fast disappearing. Published in association with the Dartmoor Trust Archive, the book reinforces the importance of preserving our visual heritage not only as a reminder of the past but also in inspiring us to secure the best of what remains for future generations to enjoy.

Simon Butler is a writer and consultant to the publishing industry, having directly published over a thousand books during a long career. Having lived on Dartmoor for over 40 years, Simon is also a Director of the Dartmoor Trust and of two major regional arts organisations. All royalties from sales of Legendary Dartmoor Pubs and Inns will go to support the work of the Trust.

Simon’s other books include the bestselling The War Horses (covering the First World War), and a companion volume Goodbye Old Friend. More recent publications include The Farmer’s Wife, concerning the history of women workers on the land, and Land Girl Suffragette based on the life and work of the artist Olive Hockin who came to work on a Dartmoor farm in 1917.
Published at £9.99 by Halsgrove in August 2016 Legendary Dartmoor Pubs and Inns is a hardback book (210x148mm) of 128 pages and including over 300 photographs.