It wasn’t just people that went to war…horses too.


Before the use of internal combustion engines, animals – particularly horses – were the main method of pulling ploughs and moving heavy produce.

The War created an instant need from the military for horses, used in the cavalry, for towing guns and transporting stores.


This task encourages you to consider the impact the War had on animals, as well as people.


Take a look at the resource sheet to find out how horses fared during the conflict. What do the pictures suggest to you about the use of horses in early 20th Century Britain?

Secondly, look at page 2. Compare this image with those on page 1. Why do you think the oxen were used in the fields?

Teacher Notes

This is a straightforward comparison task. It makes use of images in order to help students understand something of the impact of the war on farmers who used horses much in the same way we use motorised equipment.

It is suggested the image plates are offered to students separately with teacher led questions to help students focus on the tasks.


Horses – It wasn’t just people