Dartmoor Trust Seals ‘Historic’ Deal With Torquay Museum

August saw the final agreement being drawn up between the Dartmoor Trust and Torquay Natural History Museum for the digitisation of the last remaining major collection of nineteenth century and early twentieth century Dartmoor photographs.

Comprising over 7000 photographs work will begin on digital scanning in mid September with photographs appearing on the Dartmoor Trust Archive Website in the Autumn.

Tony Clark, Chairman of the Trust, signed off the agreement with the Museum having pledged £6500 towards the costs of the project: ‘We’re delighted’, he said ‘to see this collection finally being made accessible to the public.’

Barry Chandler, on behalf of the Museum, was also pleased to see the project underway. ‘Without the support of the Dartmoor Trust it’s doubtful if this superb collection of images would ever be secured for public view in this way.’