Dartmoor leat project ends with a clapper

People enjoying a walk on Dartmoor’s beautiful Holne Moor can now enjoy two new clapper bridges thanks to a partnership between the Dartmoor Trust and Dartmoor National Park Authority.  The two new clapper bridges span Hamlyn’s Leat on Holne Moor, providing additional access for the public over the leat.

The work is the culmination of a seven year project between the Dartmoor Trust and Dartmoor National Park Authority to undertake repairs and improvements to working leats (water courses built by people to take water over long distances across the moor) on Dartmoor.   The Dartmoor Trust has contributed £10,000 to the 16 projects carried out during this time.

Leats on Dartmoor have an important historical significance providing water over the centuries to farms, homes and to power past moorland industries such as tin mining. There are many leats on the moor which still function, some still supplying drinking water to properties not on the main water system.

The Dartmoor Trust, a local charity, supports projects on Dartmoor that aim to provide the moor with a sustainable future.

The money given by the Dartmoor Trust comes from donations from members of the public who have an interest in the history and future of Dartmoor.  Anyone can make a donation – details of which can be found on the Dartmoor Trust’s website (

The work on Holne Moor has been carried out using local contractors.  Dartmoor National Park assisted the project by providing materials, some funding and assistance,and transport of materials.

Bill Hitchins, Chairman of the National Park Authority said:
‘The work on Holne Moor is another example of the National Park Authority and Dartmoor Trust working together for the good of Dartmoor.’

The work undertaken includes:

  • the installation of a sweet chestnut launder on the Grimstone and Sortridge leat at Merrivale
  • the installation of a stone lined fording point to aid commoners with the movement of their stock, thus preventing damage to the leat bank
  • silt chambers on the Holne Town Gutter
  • funds to cover the cost of clearance work on the Pottery Leat, Bovey Tracey
  • rebuilding a weir on the Broomhill Leat


Image shows Bill Hitchins, Chairman, Dartmoor National Park Authority (left) and Tony Clark, Chairman of the Dartmoor Trust, on one of the new clapper bridges on Holne Moor.

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