The goal of the Dartmoor Archive is to provide a permanent digital home to Dartmoor’s visual heritage. When an image is added to the Archive we do not wish to take possession of it, the image is yours, all we want to do is allow the public access to it for research and enjoyment. As a result the individual rights holder retains copyright to all resources, this includes the intellectual property rights of the Dartmoor Archive and all other third parties.

We reserve the right to use the images in publications that help promote the project and help gain further support and funding. Every best endeavour has been made to locate copyright holders and obtain written permission to publish their materials on this website, and to archive them within the Dartmoor Archive.
We run this project on a shoestring budget but inevitably there are costs associated with maintaining a website of this size and popularity. We reserve the right to charge a fee for copies of the images included on the website unless directed otherwise by the original copyright holder. The money generated from these sales will only be used to support the work of the Dartmoor Trust and its the Dartmoor Archive. In reality the money that we receive falls far short of covering our costs. If you have concerns about any need to contact us regarding copyright issues, please contact the Archive Manager on