Category: War Effort

The War affected everyone; the men carrying out essential work, the women who took on men’s work, and the children. All were worried about their uniformed loved ones and had to deal with the anxiety of receiving a telegram telling of deaths and wounds.

Those who were not in uniform were driven by a desire to keep the business running, the farms producing and maintaining some sense of normality for the men to return to after the war. There was a great sense of patriotic effort with farmers increasing the productivity of their farms to feed the nation; women becoming nurses, joining the Womens’ Land Army and Forestry Corps and replacing the men in the dockyards; and children collecting eggs, chestnuts, whortleberries and gathering the harvest. Everyone was involved, with knitting circles producing scarves and socks, collections of money to fund the war effort, parcels of clothing, sweets and tobacco.

This Topic looks at how the people on and around Dartmoor redoubled their efforts to support the fighting soldiers and sailors.