Worth Collection

The Dartmoor Trust Archive is one of the principal achievements of the The Dartmoor Trust, full information on which can be found on The Archive’s own website at www.dartmoorarchive.org.

Since the establishment of The Archive at the end of the 1900s over 20 000 historic images have been included, all fully searchable and available free to public view. These include hundred of photographs donated by individuals but the Trustees have sought also to finance the digitization of major collections of photographs hitherto only available as original, and often fragile, prints and glass plate negatives. These include The Burnard Collection, The Taylor Collection and the Chapman Collection totalling around 12 000 unique images dating from the 1880s through to the 1960s.

The photographs comprising the Worth Collection (over 7000 images taken by the archaeologist and historian R.H. Worth and held in the Torquay Natural History Museum) is perhaps the last remaining major source of Dartmoor photographs as yet undigitised. With funding from the Trust the Museum will now be able to undertake this massive task with a view to being able to include all the Dartmoor photographs on its website and freely available for the public to view.

This project will form the cornerstone of The Dartmoor Trust’s future fundraising efforts more details of which will be included on the website shortly.