About The Dartmoor Trust

The Dartmoor Trust is an independent charitable company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated on 12 June 1996 and registered with the Charity Commission on 25 June 1996. The focus of the Trust’s activities is to grant aid practical projects which help benefit Dartmoor, the region designated as a National Park, its landscape, communities and visitors. The Trust’s principal activities involve the provision of grants and the proactive support of adopted projects.

The Trust’s objectives are

  • To protect the natural landscape of Dartmoor and preserve its wildlife, archaeology and buildings.
  • To educate the public to appreciate and respect Dartmoor and to stimulate awareness, for the conservation of all aspects of its physical and cultural environment.
  • To support the social and economic fabric of Dartmoor in ways which complement the above objectives.

In pursuit of these objectives, money has been granted to support projects including community festivals, the repair of church bells, restoration of Dartmoor’s leats and many more. Our largest project has been to establish the Dartmoor Trust Archive – an online collection of tens of thousands of historic images dating back to the 1800s (see www.dartmoorarchive.org).


H M Williams
Valley House
53 Valley Road

Company Registered Number 3211446
Charity Number 1056362